My mission in this world is to be of service to humanity, inspire, anchor love into the Earth,  liberate the souls who have lost their way on this planet to find their role and meaning in life, give encouragement and hope. 


“Hara Katsiki originates from Athens Greece and is currently based in Berlin. She was born with a range of extrasensory gifts which today she uses to inspire and assist people in uplifting and shaping themselves towards self-empowerment, freedom, and joy. She is an ancient spiritual teacher from many different lifetimes, an in-depth healer, a natural voice of spirit and a universal ambassador of peace and goodwill. She is able to look into peoples energy and is able to know where there are abnormalities. Hara is able to connect with the heart of the spirit, relating to Gaia. A healer that assist others in being able to realize the potentials they hold within themselves and shift into new perspectives of consciousness. Her strong feline and cetacean energies, reinforce her in sharing love, being multidimensional and being able to feel herself connecting to many different people on a very deep empathic level.”

She is a Past Life Regression Hypnotherapist, Certified Dedicated Level 2 Practitioner of QHHT ® ( Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique) by Dolores Cannon , BQH (Beyond Quantum Healing) Practitioner, PQL (Parallel Quantum Lives) practitioner and  Intuitive Counselor. She is also a Certified Teacher of "Heart Imagery: Cleaning The Past and Self-Renewal" ®and "Journeys Into The Heart: The Inner Path" ® from THE SCHOOL OF THE HEART by Master of Meditation Daniel Mittel. 

As a visionary and explorer of the creative realms Hara is also a multi awarded self-taught intuitive artist. Through her work, she attempts to transcend the physical world and portray a wider vision of awareness. Her art reflects the intuitive nature that resides within us all and infuses a deep connection to heart, mind, and spirit. To visit her fine art portfolio please visit


QHHT® Practitioner

BQH® (Beyond Quantum Healing) Practitioner

PQL® (Parallel Quantum Lives) Practitioner

Past Life Regression Hypnotherapist

Heart Imagery: Cleaning The Past and Self-Renewal® Teacher

Journeys Into The Heart: The Inner Path® Teacher 

Intuitive consultant

Metaphysical Researcher

Fine Artist

Sound Alchemist


Much like a crystal, you are one of a kind, unique & special. A piece of the universe, vibrating to your own unique frequency. There is a piece of you in every one and everything in existence. Each of US is like a facet of a jewel, reflecting a unique perspective of the same truth, while at the same time echoing and illuminating each other. You have the power to heal and enlighten others. You are your own universe, capable of shining bright among a dark and infinite sky!