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"BQH is powerful, heart-based, and above all; flexible. Practitioners and their clients are individuals, this method recognizes and celebrates each unique perspective." Candace Craw-Goldman, Creator of BQH

Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH) is one the most advanced healing modalities on the planet today. It is a heart-based and intention oriented method that promotes the idea of allowing energy healers to use all their skills and resources in service to their Clients. BQH does not rely on exact scripts and methods, but instead is adaptable to the Client's needs, the Practitioner's skills and the situation at hand. BQH was created and based upon classic "past life regression" hypnosis models but with a great many important and distinctive differences.

It eschews hard and fast rules and promotes creative and individualized approaches and shuns the typical rules, restrictions and dogma or more restrictive modalities. BQH is "quantum" which can mean "multidimensional," so healing may occur on all levels, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Why choose BQH? Emphasis on freedom, flexibility and creativity! Each session is unique, just like you.

Sessions are Available Online and in person

What is the structure of a BQH?

  • Interview, preparing conversation. and setting the intension of the session.We start the process with a conversation where we review and discuss your areas of concern and clarify the questions that you would like to ask or other modalities that we will incorporate in our session. This time is important and serves as preparations for the Hypnosis session.

  • Hypnosis : Past Life regression (optional), Subconscious/ Higher Self / Guides, conversation and healing work. This is the hypnosis part of the session where you will be guided into a deeply relaxed brain state aka theta brain waves. It is a highly creative state where you can explore and communicate with deeper levels of your consciousness. This part of the session will be audio recorded so you can listen to it afterwards. Most people remember very little after the session.

  • Review,post talk. We take some time afterwards to review what you have experienced.

BQH was created to expand and go beyond the boundaries of perceived limitations in other methods and encourages use of current technology to connect with and assist clients around the world despite physical distance or travel restrictions. Quantum can also suggest that healing may occur without regard to proximity, so. you can choose to have the session in the comfort of your own home.This means in-person sessions as well as online sessions are possible!  As Quantum Healing is expanding, changing, and evolving to include the ability to assist clients online via the Zoom web conferencing interface. Most clients qualify for online sessions.

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Tandem Sessions

BQH is expanding more borders with TANDEM sessions! What is a tandem session? Two people sharing simultaneously a quantum healing session of consciousness exploration. Recommend to anyone who is open to explore relationship dynamics and unity consciousness.

For some more information and a youtube show on BQH Tandem session story snippets please watch the video below

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