QHHT ODYSSEYS & BQH VOYAGERS is a selection of quantum healing sessions. For more videos please check my YOUTUBE CHANNEL


Quantum Healers Hara Katsiki & Chrysilla Lewies, are joining forces and sharing session stories, personal insights, and experiences from their quantum journeys.


The series of Starseed Transmissions is introduced by The Ashtar Command. It covers short transmissions of ET languages. The transitions serve the purpose to support Starseed awakening and to help humanity become more cosmic in nature. This first series of transmissions is introducing the Ant-Beings. The purpose of these transmissions is a type of systems of communication through different types of extraterrestrial languages that will assist Starseeds in re-awakening, remembering and integrating large parts of their being. Listening to these transmissions will further serve in becoming more cosmic in nature.
These transmissions are being brought through under the alliance of The Ashtar Command and facilitated by Hara Katsiki



This Guided Meditation / energy transmission is channeled by the Artcurians and contains powerful quantum healing frequencies and ascension codes. While listening you will be bathed in the SOLFEGGIO SCALE/ 852 HZ MUSIC. This frequency is associated with the color indigo, and it assists to awaken crystal clear intuition and return to spiritual order. This journey is a gift of love to you from the Arcturians