H. F.     I'm forever grateful for Hara and her healing work, she helped to get in touch with my essence, myself, she opened the door for a big, great and necessary change on myself. Hara,  helped me change my life, that was mind blowing, most intense experience i have ever had. I am since a while on the spiritual path, yet QHHT was the one that really shaken me, woke me up to who I really am. I have tried so many different tools before, but it didn't worked as i expected, and then as birthday present she came to my life! Thanks a lot my dear.

G.T.     For the first time in my life I feel I am where I should be. I feel myself and I am at home with me. Now I know my Source and all the noise in my mind has stopped. The questioning, the nagging, the complaining and all the confusion and pain and anxiety and the looking out at other places and other people for help when all that I needed was to look inward and listen to I AM in me. I am so glad. I am finally in a full conversation and communication with Source. There is nothing as sweet and comforting as knowing who you are and where you are from and what it is that you are doing here in this beautiful planet at this time and space. I am so grateful for this shift and such thing as QHHT, what a unique way of not just healing but also connecting with and re-membering who I am. I am so grateful. I have a body, I am not a body. Thank you Hara. The energy you carry.... Thanks for being here and doing what you are doing. Namaste.

N.R. “Dear Hara,
Thanks again for this magical experience. I am especially amazed about the power of the healing part. Very unepxected. It felt like such a force I rarely experienced before and made me realize even more what cosmic forces are around us, what we are made of, what is possible that we cannot perceive yet. I actually felt the deep of the quantum realm. It is possible and that in a blink of an eye, we just have to expand into it. At an important point my ego stepped back during healing but Hara skillfully managed it.
Now 2,5 weeks on I can say how much it shifted and restored in me. I feel emerged more grown, evolved, closer to my essence.
Very important for me was too, to finally feel what it feels like when my True / Higher Self speaks to me. It was foggier before. In retrospect I am so grateful that Hara asked to relate to a body feeling with it and that is how I connect with it now. To know when my True Self is talking is totally priceless. We are grown closer again.
My main focus for this session were the questions though and they were answered too incl. one big important one. And the additional, priceless information on the cosmos.
The loving voice of Hara is wonderful and her care. I felt safe giving her my most intimate questions and during the session felt like a trusting sister was reading them to me. I was able to fully let go and trust Hara.
I cannot wait to repeat it!! And wish the same amazing experience for others as well.
Love & Light, Nicole”

R.R. “Naturally Gifted Intuitive & True Quantum Healer. Just being in Hara’s presence is healing and listening to her melodic voice will have you in another dimension instantly! I felt safe and was able to speak to my Higher Self and guides with ease!

C.M. “ The session with Hara was an unforgettable journey. She is great in guiding you to your own depth and your own improvement. It is a session that she is guiding you with her velvet voice to see your higher self ,other lives and so many possibilities.
It is one of the sessions I would recommend to all the people that want to know more about themselves, want to know "why" things are happening in their lives and mainly for the ones willing to change and make new steps in their life. Highly recommended!!!”

S.S.      "No words can describe the gratitude and love I have for Hara Katsiki after a marathon BQH session that she facilitated for me unconditionally. I was guided to seek Hara for assistance for some issues and when my higher self came through, it said that the most important part of our BQH session today was when Hara listened compassionately and patiently during the chat. I had never been able to talk to anyone so comfortably. I felt even before the induction that I could finally leave a lot of things behind as finally I could share my thoughts without being judged. I trusted her 100% that she would look after me when we were accessing the unknown together. A very unpleasant scene came up and I almost refused to see it but Hara was able to gently guide me with her loving voice so that I saw just enough to know what was happening and much emotions were released. It was an online session but I could feel her presence and at times I could see her as a white light being right there protecting me. Hara is magical and out of this world. Thank you for being you."

A.M. “An incredible experience! Hara is gently guiding you deep within your soul. She made it incredibly easy to let go and trust, and she helped me see that the answers are within me at all times - and that all I have to do is trust. Thank you, Hara! You’re a gift!“

M.S. “I am eternally grateful to have experienced my first QHHT session with Hara as my guide, because she skillfully catalysed a quantum-leap forward in my personal evolution. The experience has connected me back into Source, by helping me remember my Truth and helping me love myself and trust in my own brilliance. Every topic that we dealt with during the session has already shifted and transformed in some way and now I see every moment of my existence as a beautiful creative expression. Thank you, Hara, for being the Blessing that you are!This is by far the most important and profound inner work I have ever experienced and I thank you from the bottom of my Heart for making it possible! "

C.C.G. “Hara has the heart and soul of an angel. She is a tender and gentle guide. Most highly recommended!”

D.C.      "I can absolutely recommend Hara to anyone who wants to connect with their Higher Self, answer the deepest questions they've ever had about themselves... but don't know where to start.Sharing such an intimate, spiritual experience with a complete stranger is quite unusual and scary, and I must admit that I felt a little nervous before the session. However, as soon as I arrived at her place, I felt very safe and comfortable with Hara. I knew right away that I was in good hands and that I could trust her 100%. It's been a month since we've had the session and I've already noticed physical changes in my body. I've also started to make profound adjustments in my life. I finally understood with my mind and experienced with my body that I already have the key to solve any problem or answer any question. All the knowledge lies within me, in my heart. Hara introduced me to this part of myself that had always been there but I never got the chance to really meet. She empowered me and I will forever be grateful to her for showing me the path. Thank you, Hara!"

L.H. “I am so beyond grateful for that session.So powerful. One of the best in my life. still just feeling incredible.may i always feel like this!”

C.G. “ My experience with Hara was life changing, I feel I got to the root of all that needed healing and now I’m feeling better then ever about everything. She makes you feel at home and puts you in a peaceful state to journey inward. I feel I gained what I wanted and more and now I have the confidence to take on what I want to in my life. It was truly a blessing to me and the best decision I’ve made to go and give myself what I deserve! Thank you Hara for your guidance, wisdom and unconditional support! “

W.P. “Dear Hara, we had some amazing "coincidences" meeting each other in this session and already before, right? So I know, it was the right impulse to have this experience with you. A very special moment which I am still digesting - even 2 days after it. It was so rich in informations and clearness, that I am still in process of integrating. Thank you so much for your way of being and holding the space: clear, warm, funny, simple, grounded yet spiritually connected, honest, trusting and caring. May Water bless and accompany you!

V.S.      "The QHHT session I had with Hara has been by far the most revealing and intense spiritual experience I’ve ever had. It helped me to get perspective of my self and my existence in this moment in the world, to trust my inner wisdom and to get back in contact with my true self in perfect trust. Since my session, my feelings of self pity and loneliness disappeared and the call to get back in contact with my creative and artistic skills has come naturally back to me. This has been my way to get in touch with my higher self again and since then my life so much richer. It was a live-changing experience without a question.
I would recommend a QHHT session with Hara to anybody who wants to give herself/himself a great gift. She is a loving and sensitive healer, who with much love and devotion guided me to meet my true self and heal. I’m thankful and glad that we crossed paths and having the chance to have this experience with her. Thank you a thousand times"

K.K. “Thank you for letting me open myself in ways I've never done before and thank you for touching my life in a profound way”

N.N.     "From the very second I sat down with Hara to start our session I had a deep feeling of trust that is hard to describe in words. You immediately sense her caring and beautiful energy and feel welcomed and accepted simply for being who you are. I had never done a hypnosis therapy before and was very surprised how well it worked which surely was due to the warm and supportive atmosphere and the very professional guidance Hara gave me. Thank you ever so much Hara for sharing your love and healing skills"

C.S. “The best I‘ve ever done! Thank you Hara for this incredible experience!!”

H.A.     "Working with Hara has been very helpful and supporting for me. this started, when we first had contact on the telephone and it intensified when i did the preparatory healing-garden-meditation. the contact to my unconscious or higher self has been like a warm guidance of trust and during the session with Hara it opened up like a flower or a shell revealing its pearl and really enabled me to connect to the depths of my potential. Hara has been a very kind and loving guide in this process and i am so happy to have chosen this path. i so much hope and want this warm and deepened contact to my self, that has been established to last! thank you Hara for putting it out in the world".

A.M.     "Hara is a beautiful and loving soul, she puts a lot of dedication & love into the sessions, I felt very comfortable & understood at her studio helping me to understand my path & the changes that are occurring within myself. Thanks a lot for your support. "

K.C.     "Hara is a helpful, sensitive, patient, spreading love and a very good listener. You feel welcome, comfortable and safe around her in her beautiful space. I'm very grateful for her support and help. Thank you Hara for your work and for joining me through this journey. A new intense experience, a new world I never expected.I hope more people would do this experience! "

K.R. “I have been interested in trying out the QHHT technique for awhile now, so It was great to find and work with a kindred soul who lives in the same city as me! Hara was lovely, very welcoming and put me at ease. For the past year I have noticed that my anxiety levels have been increasing and I had been encouraged to sort this out before the 17th March and the Spring Equinox. I also felt like I had come to a standstill with my spiritual work. The main thing I can say about the session is Wow! To my relief Hara was happy to discuss an issue that I felt awkward talking about with other therapists, and the session helped to highlight the reason and the root cause of (and more importantly remove) one of the main triggers preventing me from remaining in a calm state in situations. After the session other people have commented on my calmer attitude to situations and I have noticed that my back condition has also improved. I recommend giving this technique a go, it has certainly changed my life for the better!.”

L.B. “Hara is a beautiful soul and a dedicated healer. She will guide you through this journey in the most loving and gentle way. Thank you my friend for this unforgettable experience of my true self!”

M. K.    " I'm really thankful for the great chance I had to have all the answer of my big life questions, and I had a big chance to find out my way and my decisions on my new life . For the first time I got to really know my self. Thank you Hara"

I. M.      "I had a wonderful and deep journey into my inner self.This work helped me to understand more about myself and to solve blockages.Hara takes you by the hand in a very sensitive and careful way. Thank you Hara! "

S. L.     "Most of us do not follow our inner spirit. most of us are not in touch, clueless. Hara helped me to start the process. Thank you Hara for sharing!"

V.F.      "Thank you so much for being such an amazing, beautiful soul and for the gift you are offering to this world. I really did enjoy the session and know that it was another big step in my spirtitual growth and healing. Really grateful that my guides lead me to you!

M.B.    "This was the first time I tried this method and I was very impressed with the clarity and insight that it gave me. Hara made me feel very at ease and comfortable. She helped me relax and trust her.  Her energy and technique made me feel safe which is an integral part  of making the session a deep and meaningful experience.  The  session with Hara was an effective way of accessing my inner truth. I strongly recommend Hara and the method.  It is an experience which has helped me immensely! "

V. M.    " I had the chance of undertaking this amazing journey among some of my past lives, guided by the soft and yet reassuring voice of Hara. Personally I found it like a new awakening towards a higher stage of mindfulness and at the same time a deeply liberating experience. Now I feel much more at peace."

A. K.     "An amazing and revealing experience from the most amazing existence I have ever met."